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Written by Athena   
Saturday, 25 October 2008 07:32

Edward James Olmos at TCF Party 2008 

Three years ago, the Fleet was only a handful of people hanging out at the lobby of the Marriott with a shared interest in “Battlestar Galactica” and making friends with awesome fans. This year, I was witness to the Fleet taking things to a whole new level, making even last year’s amazing success pale in comparison.


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We're fun-loving family of motherfrakkers that celebrate "Battlestar Galactica". We love frak parties and meeting other fans. We enjoy costuming, conventions, and doing charity work. If you don't take life, the show, or yourself too seriously, come check us out.

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We're setting our coordinates for Pasadena! Own a piece of Battlestar history by participating in the official Battlestar Prop Auction. Our 30 volunteers are fully costumed and ready to rock the event.

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This fresh upgrade will make it easier to read highlights about our latest conquests, from gatherings to our next crazy costuming ideas. TCF is bringing sexy back. Enjoy!

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